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To be a DISCIPLE, one has to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Not just know about Him and what He did, but try to imitate Him in all things.

First we have to feed our mind and heart with the knowledge about our LORD.  Reading the Sacred Scriptures is essential.  Especially the New Testament, and in particular the holy Gospels.  There should not be a day when we do not read the Word of GOD.

Then we need to pray.  The Rosary ought to be a daily ritual.  It is especially beneficial if said in a family or a group of peoples.  Besides that, we should have our daily devotions, which could be prayers we know, or a prayer booklet, or the Stations of the Cross, or anything else that we think that we are called to.

Moving along our journey to sanctity - we learn to fast.  This is not an "IF" we fast, but "WHEN" we fast.  Fasting should occur daily with denying ourselves things.  It does not have to be food, it could be TV!  If possible reduce watching the tube to a bare minimum, if not at all let go.  We won't get around the physical fasting though - for Christ said: "Some demons can only be driving out by prayer AND fasting.  

The question arises - what is all this for?  First and foremost, for our sanctification.  Then for the sanctification of our families, the people at work - and especially for our very own parish - which is our (spiritual) Mother on earth.

Speaking of Mother - if one has not done so, please consecrate yourself and your family to our Blessed Mother.  She is the key to the spiritual life.  Start reading a 33 day devotion to Mary by either St. Louis de Montfort or Fr. Gaitley, MC. (he has an abridged version).  This preparation takes 33 days and should end on a Marian feast day.  Once you are consecrated, things will happen.  Nope, not the lottery, but heaven's doors will open to fill you with GOD's choicest blessings!

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