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Kate Hesseling, Shirley Runde, George Vourvoulias, Joshua Warden, Don Rielly, Bob Schonhoff, Myron Quinlan, Pat Fleege, Sandy Cwik, Gerry Middendorf, DJ, Brandon Martin, Steve Freese, Vickie Rudell, Earl & Doris Jansen, Jerry Brown, Shirley Richardson, Mary Leibfried, Bob Vogt, Addie Mae Larson, Bob Gallagher, Glen Heller, Ellie Hahnl, Bob Birrenkott, Dennis Klak.

St Joseph Church

will be painted, beginning on March 19 (Feast of St Joseph).

From that day on for the next about 8 weeks we will have to change our schedule a bit:

Weekday Masses (Tue/Fri 8:15am) at St Joe's will be held at the SCHOOL CAFETERIA.  

Weekend Masses (Sun 8:30am) will be moved to Sunday, 8:30am at St Francis in Hazel Green.  Thank you!

All other activities that usually happen at St. Joseph Church will be cancelled or transferred to St Francis in Hazel Green.

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